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How was the weekend started?

Posted on April 3 2013 by james leslie clegg

I am surrounded by people already in the final throes of preparation marathon - talk in my club is running the last few weeks, as the cone, how long run went, as injuries and pains are holding up. I'm starting to feel a little deception, just sign up for marathons, half a year.

In fact, I'm in the silence between races at the moment, which I'm still putting in the miles, but it feels a little lack of energy and motivation - but you should get my act together so I really Towpath Ten race in a few weeks. Everyone has some top tips for the regeneration of their sense of purpose after the big race?

The weather did not help: this time last year, the temperature in London, at least it was in the high teens and it was definitely T-shirt weather running. This year, I'm still in a long-running tights, gloves and base layers galore. Still, there's nothing like in the long run on the bank holiday Monday have you feeling virtuous after guzzling down quite a lot of chocolate. So you burn a little gluttony this weekend, or to practice a lot more self-control than I do when it comes to chocolate in the shape of an egg?

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