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America's Best Airlines

Posted on April 12 2013 by james leslie clegg in America's Best Airlines

America's Best Airlines

Virgin America airline in the 2013 Airline Quality Rating report an annual study show that the United States is a major airline of the highest quality.

Privately-owned airline founded by billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson - the only U.S. operation since 2007, but only five years after the timely arrival of the air, freight management, and has been out on the custom rules. Added to this is the first time AQR rating.

Airline Quality Rating report, the major airlines of the United States show a significant statistical study, and has been held annually since 1991. This is Dr. Dean Headley, professor at Wichita State University, and Dr. Brent Bowen, professor at Purdue University in bareyalpattadu.

The study focuses on four criteria, Airlines, U.S. Department of Transportation reported the last twelve months, as represented sees as mandated by law: on-time arrivals, denied boardings, bags mishandled, and customer complaints. All four points in the final overall rating is an average as summing.

AQR criteria for most of this year's ranking of the top posts in the airline Virgin America, the dominant numbers: airlines, all flights compared to the industry average of 83.5% to 81.8% by 2012, in time to come, it is mishandled 3.07 bags per 1,000 passengers per average below 0.87, and is noticeably 0 97 Average below 1,000 0.07 voucher to passengers denied boarding.

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