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  • America's Best Airlines

    12 April 2013 ( #America's Best Airlines )

    Virgin America airline in the 2013 Airline Quality Rating report an annual study show that the United States is a major airline of the highest quality. Privately-owned airline founded by billionaire entrepreneur Richard Branson - the only U.S. operation...

  • CDC: Second "ideas" anti-smoking campaign

    30 March 2013 ( #anti-smoking )

    After what he calls a successful first campaign, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is launching a second anti-smoking campaign of the previous tips smokers. "They are real stories that will save lives and save money, it will be a huge health...

  • How was the weekend started?

    03 April 2013

    I am surrounded by people already in the final throes of preparation marathon - talk in my club is running the last few weeks, as the cone, how long run went, as injuries and pains are holding up. I'm starting to feel a little deception, just sign up...

  • Las Vegas Summer League to feature 22 teams

    24 June 2013 ( #Las Vegas Summer League to feature 22 teams )

    not unprecedented trade of an active coach, a Boston Celtics official told The Associated Press on Sunday night. The deal would bring Boston a first-round draft pick in 2015, according to the official, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because it...